Add a little wind to your life.

Sign up for Windsource.* It’s a program that enables customers like you to pay a little extra each month to purchase energy from renewable resources, like wind. You’ll help support a cleaner, healthier community.

Every kilowatt-hour helps. Sign up for a little or a lot. Get started for as little as $2.16 per month, in addition to the electricity charges you would otherwise pay. Or opt to have 100% of your electricity provided through Windsource.

Consider This...

Consider these action items

Every block of wind power purchased supports the following:
  • A cleaner, healthier community and environment.
  • Economic development for rural communities where wind is generated, in the form of jobs, tax revenue and income for landowners.
  • Energy sources that take advantage of abundant natural resources.
  • Affordable and domestic energy production that promotes electricity price stability.

* Please note that you must be an Xcel Energy electric customer. Your premium shows up right on your monthly energy bill.